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Coastal and Marine Geology Program Internet Map Server:
Long Island Sound Estuary

USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program
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Long Island Sound Internet Map Server

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Internet Map Server Description

Image showing Long Island Sound Internet Map Server default map view.

Long Island Sound Estuary Internet Map Server default map view. Click here for a larger image.  Image will open in new browser window.

The USGS Long Island Sound Estuary Internet Mapping Server contains published data layers and information from the U.S. Geological Survey, Coastal and Marine Geology Program (CMGP). An example of the default map view is shown at the right. This map view shows the surficial sediment interpretation and location of USGS/CMGP sidescan sonar surveys.

In addition to the location of various sidescan data, location of surficial samples, navigation tracklines with links to browse graphics of the seismic data and other interpretive data layers are also available for viewing. Other basemap data relative to the specific mapsite have been compiled from a variety of public domain sites and are also available for viewing and download.

Within the Internet Map Server, data layers have been grouped within category headings. Clicking the appropriate data folder will expand or collapse the folder allowing the individual data layers to be displayed. Data layers may be "turned-off or on" by selecting the visible button beside the layer name. The map view will automatically update. A complete description of the available data layers and links to download the data may be found in the GIS Data Catalog.

internet map server hyperlink tool icon Hyperlink properties

The data layers listed below have associated hyperlink properties. When the data layer is selected as the active data layer, selecting the hyperlink activity will result in the associated information being displayed in a new browser window.

  • navigation tracklines - The user may view a reduced version of the seismic record associated with the individual seismic cruise tracklines by utilizing the hyperlink option. With a "nav trackline" selected as the active data layer, select the hyperlink tool from the menu at the left of the map view. When active, click on an individual ship's track line. A reduced image showing the available seismic record associated with that track line segment will be displayed in a separate browser window.
  • CONMAP bottom photos - When this layer is active, the user may utilize the hyperlink tool to examine archived bottom photographs. These photographs, collected during the 1960's as part of the USGS Continental Margin Program, have been rescued and georeferenced with an approximate spatial location.



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