Map-It: Form-based Simple Map Generator

Sample image of the reulting topo mapSample image of the reulting mapThis form takes longitude/latitude pairs as input and plots them on a Mercator projection map along with land/sea and political boundaries. The map bounds will be about 10% larger than the bounds of the entered data points.

The default values on the form below yield a nice map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, generated by supplying the longitude and latitude values of Cape-area towns: Woods Hole, Nantucket, Chatham, Provincetown and New Bedford.

1. :

- One pair per line.
- West longitude is negative.
- Digital degrees only.
- To cross the date line, use East longitudes (eg. 170 to 190).
- To plot the whole world use a longitude range from -180 to 180,
and latitude from -75 to 75, and use the "exact map extent" option below

2. Select method to determine map extent:

add 10% to map extent
exact map extent

3. Select the method to plot points:

connecting lines
dots & connecting lines
don't plot the points!

4. Select to plot topography:

(ETOPO2 - very slow and not useful in small areas)

5. :

  Enter (Longitude Latitude Fontsize angle Fonttype Justify)
  Justify [L, C, R (for left, center, or right) and T, M, B for top, middle, or bottom ]
  If you do not wish labels, delete the entry in the box.

6. Select to plot Political boundaries:


7. Select to plot Rivers:


Please wait for your map to be generated! If you abort and reload the form, you'll just create another process that will slow things down even more!

Press this button to submit the query:
The map is created by using "pscoast," part of the freely available GMT package, version 5.