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U.S. Atlantic East Coast GLORIA Mapping Program Background

Mosaic Overview

Mosaic Index Map
Geologic Interpretation (text)
Geologic Interpretation (image)

GLORIA Publications and References

U.S. Gulf of Mexico GLORIA Mapping Program Background

U.S. Pacific West Coast GLORIA Mapping Program Background

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Image showing the overview of the U.S. Atlantic East Coast GLORIA sidescan sonar mosaic.

Image showing the overview of the U.S. Atlantic East Coast GLORIA sidescan sonar mosaic.  Click here to view an larger image.  Image will open in a new browser window.

From February to May 1987 five cruises were conducted to cover the U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) seaward of the continental shelf edge, from the Canadian border southward to the northern Blake Plateau off Florida. The innermost Blake Plateau north of latitude 30oN and most of the plateau south of that latitude were not imaged during 1987 because of lack of time. As in earlier EEZ reconnaissance surveys of the U.S. Pacific Coast and Gulf of Mexico EEZ regions, the USGS utilized the GLORIA (Geologic LOng-Range Inclined Asdic) sidescan sonar system to complete the geologic mapping. The collected GLORIA data was processed and digitally mosaicked to produce continuous imagery of the seafloor. A total of 23 digital mosaics of a 2 degree by 2 degree (or smaller) area with a 50 meter pixel resolution were completed for the Atlantic Continental Margin. Twenty-one of the individual mosaics were later combined to produce an overview of the Atlantic Continental Margin. A reduced version of the completed composite digital mosaic is provided here.

Mosaic Index Map

Reduced images (250 meter resolution) of the individual 21 mosaics are available for viewing from the following index map. Selecting an image for viewing will open a new browser window.  The images have been enhanced for optimal viewing.

Full resolution imagery (50 meter pixels) are available from various CD-ROM publications or may be downloaded online. Please note the Digital Data citations listed in the GLORIA Publications and References list for released datasets.

Geologic Interpretation

blue ball Atlantic Continental Margin GLORIA geology interpretation map
blue ball Atlantic Continental Margin GLORIA geology interpretation text

Publications and Referencess

Information contained in these pages have been summarized from a variety of sources. More detailed descriptions of the EEZ, GLORIA program and sidescan sonar system, data processing and mosaicking techniques, and geologic interpretations may be obtained from previously published sources. A few of these sources have been listed here.